Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Hampshire

Geez-----we have been in the car too long!

The boys were troopers and did such a good job. We have been on the road a lot lately. New Hampshire isn't that far from us about four and a half hours is what it took for us to drive. I am amazed at the beauty, none of the pictures do it justice but this is a place I would like to go and spend 4 or 5 days. We were only there two days and I didn't get to do all I would have liked.
Look at the beauty!

Grayson doesn't want to pose for pictures he just wants in the water!
Flying Fish ride! Hayden loves ride and speed-the faster the better. This child screamed with joy the whole time we were there.

This ride is a barn that goes up in the air and spins around-thought they would freak out a little but didn't!

This is a joyful look on Grayson's face!


Tatiana said...

Hey! I found you, thanks to Julie. Now I can keep up with you. NH looks beautiful. Must have been a great getaway!

Anonymous said...
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