Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Hayden


It is hard to believe that Hayden is 4 years old. I know a lot has happened in the last four years but I still feel like time has flown by. He is such a mature little boy and we are having more and more fun everyday. Hayden has been attending My Gym since October and has told me that he wanted to have his party there. So in January we booked his party and the planning began. Hayden gets into planning his party more than some adults-He knew he wanted a Buzz Lightyear party. He was very specific in picking out his theme, birthday cake, and invitiations. Hayden loves parties! I wonder where he gets that from?
Hayden blowing out birthday candles.

Hayden loved the attention he received for his birthday!

Hayden got to have his own parade at the party. The staff at My Gym walked him around in a wagon and he had the parade wave down pat!

Grayson and others being a "table".

There is nothing like Texas Star here in CT, so I was worried that I would never be able to find someone to do Hayden's cake. But it turned out sooooo good. The top was chocolate fudge with a mousse filling and the bottom was white chocolate cake with a white chocolate filling. I was REALLY impressed-oh yeah and the baker delivered it to my home which was excellent since the day of Hayden's birthday we had multiple events!

Hayden's birthday party at school!

Kid City Museum

Grandma and Papa were also able to come spend some time with us before Hayden's birthday. We enjoyed going to Kid City with them.
The boys had so much fun playing with both sets of grandparents.

Aquarium area

Grayson playing in dinosaur land!

Papa North and Hayden

Mystic Seaport

My parents came to spend the week before Hayden's birthday with us. We had so much fun and enjoyed them being here. We did an activity everyday with them and really took advantage of having them here with us. One day we went to Mystic Seaport
It was a museum tha that has a lot of large old ships. The boys were able to walk on the ships and explore. They were able to go underneath and see where people slept and ate. Ever since we visited the Seaport, Hayden has been saying he wants bunk beds now!
One of the old boats!
Enjoying our time together.

Hayden being the captain.

Circus Fun

We had so much fun going to the circus for Mother's Day. Both boys enjoyed themselves and all of the adults had fun too.

Hayden with clown nose-that lights up!!