Tuesday, April 15, 2008

These are the days I love staying home with the boys!

Imagine my surprise when I walked into pick Hayden up from school and this is what I found. . .

After my initial shock-I calmed myself down from what I knew was going to be messy-I was excited about the fun Hayden was having. For the last several weeks Hayden has had an imaginary friend-Sulley (from Monster's Inc.). Sulley goes most everywhere with us and we have been using it to our advantage, if Hayden won't do something we tell him that Sulley is doing it and it works well! On this day-he was no longer Hayden-he became Sulley and acted "in character" all day! I had so much fun playing with him and enjoying this moment.

It was a beautiful day outside today. Our friend Luke came over and we got to enjoy a picnic lunch and play outside. The boys have so much fun together. We spent all afternoon outside enjoying the warm weather!

New York City Here we Come!

I got to drive thru New York on Friday. Steve decided he would take the day off and we would go check out a granite place in New Jersey. I decided I would drive and let him handle the boys. Well. . .I didn't know I would be driving in the Bronx and in Manhattan to get there. It was so neat-the Bronx really does look like it does in the movies. We saw all kinds of high rise apartments and each of them had their own park with people outside playing basketball! Traffic was horrible but I still want to go back! It didn't take us that long to get to New York but I still think next time we will take the train in. The granite place in New Jersey was well worth the trip-we are getting new granite for our kitchen and bathroom this week!!


Henry throwing snowballs!

Hayden and Henry blowing bubbles!

Everyone who knows me knows how special this child is to me. I was so thankful to Chad for bringing Henry over on Easter. The boys got to spend time together and we got to spend time with Chad. Thanks Chad!


Hayden and Logan decorating Easter Eggs.
Christmas morning. . . oh wait it is Easter morning. The Easter Bunny and my Mother in law went crazy! The boys had so much fun.

The Easter Bunny brought Rocket to Grayson and that is all he cared about. Grayson would not participate in the Easter Egg hunt or any other acitivities for the day.

Hayden riding his Buzz scooter---but he keeps asking daddy where daddy's scooter is!

Grandpa and Hayden pretending to eat fish in a teepee at the Children's Museum.

Papa was teaching all three boys the alphabet in the old school house.

Grandma's birthday and Easter were fun. Steve and I volunteered to paint some of his parents house and we had fun doing that. There were multiple funny moments! We had fun playing with cousin Logan and seeing how big he is getting.


This is how excited we were to finally arrive at Kalahari!!
Hayden learning to bowl.

The Easter Bunny coming to tuck everyone in!

Steve and Hayden coming down the blue slide!!

Part of the water park!

One day standing outside of preschool my friend Monica told me about this wonderful place called Kalahari. . . I had no idea what she was talking about but she started getting all excited. I rushed home and checked it out http://kalahariresort.com/hub/ and found out that it would be on the way to see Grandma and Papa for Easter. We booked a room and now this is my new FAVORITE PLACE! Seriously, it was wonderful. The indoor waterpark was huge, Hayden learned to bowl, the boys got to play in the arcade, the Easter Bunny came to read the boys a bedtime story and tuck them into bed. I am ready to go back!