Thursday, December 13, 2007

Long Time No Post

Sorry, for the length of time in between posts! I really will try to be better! Today we had our largest snow storm yet. We got about 9 inches of snow and we should be getting more on Saturday and Sunday. It made me laugh that people make fun of Texans for shutting down during ice/snow storms. . . when Steve and I woke up this morning there were already 300 schools closed and it hadn't even started snowing!!! Steve got to come home early from work so as soon as the boys woke up from nap we braved the elements. Hayden enjoyed the snow, but Grayson is a true Texan and does not like to be cold.

Hayden in the mountian of snow he made his daddy build around him!

Grayson not quite knowing what to do in the snow. No, we are not bad parents, he would not wear gloves for anything!

Hayden and Steve sledding down the driveway!

Hayden first walking out into the backyard.

Our house under snow!

There will probably be more snow pictures to come after the crazy weather we are supposed to have this weekend!