Monday, January 14, 2008

Winter Wonderland

(Picture is of the wooded area on our property)

After having unusually warm weather last week we woke up this morning to a beautiful snow storm. Steve had to go to work and the boys and I were sitting around watching TV, I decided that we would venture out into the snow and play some! After it took me 30 minutes to get all of us in our snow gear-we headed outside. It was fantastic- not too cold, no wind, and fluffy snow. We played and played until naptime and then woke up again and headed outside, this time to play with Steve!

The view off of our front porch!

Grayson is starting to enjoy the weather more and now agrees to wear mittens!

Hayden and Grayson in the woods.


Grayson laughing hysterically!

I turn around to see what Grayson is laughing so hard about and find Karaya burying herself in the snow.

Grayson playing

Hayden making snow angels!

Steve sledding!!!! After I put the camera up, Hayden decided sledding was "so fun". Hayden kept Steve sledding for quite a while! We had so much fun today- I am sure we will be able to do it again a few more times this winter!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ringing in the New Year!

Everyone knows that I love a party! This year our friends Sue and Steve threw a party for the adults and the kids. They cooked a great meal for the adults and had a lot of different fun actvities for the kids. It was a lot of fun. The boys danced, played games, and did karaoke! Here are all of the kids with their party gear! Hayden, Grayson, Luke, Amber, Jenna, and Jordan. What a good time!

The Chilcote family hopes that all of you have a wonderful 2008! Happy New Year!
The boys were so excited to havea whole Thomas train table with the light house and the roundhouse! When Steve and his dad carried it into the room the boys were jumping up and down yelling "drop it, drop it". They have played with this everyday since Christmas!
Daddy had to help with opening ALL of the presents. Opening presents only took 2 hours!
Lesson #1 always get two of the same toy. This is how Christmas morning started out. As soon as the boys opened their stocking and Grayson realized that Santa had not brought him the same Car Hayden got he was very angry! Thank goodness in a few minutes Hayden gave up possession and realized that he had 50 other presents to open!

The boys were so excited when they walked downstairs and saw that Santa had come the night before and had brought them a lot of new toys!

We were so lucky, our best Christmas present of all this year was the fact that both sets of Grandparents came for six days. The boys had so much fun having four grandparents to spoil them and play with them non-stop. It was also very helpful to me since I was sick-the grandparents cooked and made this a special Christmas for all of us. We appreciate them so much and love having them come for visits.


This was encouraged by Daddy!

Okay, it is Christmas and I am trying to be more relaxed and let the boys have fun! Well-I would say that they had a lot of fun! After decorating cookies for Santa-they decided they needed to eat some of what they made.

Christmas Eve

Grayson decoratin cookies for Santa! Yes- that is an entire bottle of sprinkles!

Hayden decorating Cookies for Santa!

We are Loving East Hampton

I hate being away from Texas but really enjoy living in East Hampton. Not only have we met great people but this really is a wonderful place to raise a family. The town we live in is small but very family oriented. Imagine our surprise when we heard Christmas music blaring one night and ran out to see what was going on! Santa was riding on the top of a very decorated fire truck. Steve got Hayden out of bed and we ran downstairs to meet Santa. Santa climbed down from the top of the truck and Hayden got to sit with him and talk to the other firefighters, what an exciting way to end our evening!

Santa Visit

We didn't get to have our own Santa party this year and that was upsetting to me but I figured that we could surprise the grandparents and have Santa come for a visit before Christmas. Santa was great-both boys were so excited. Grayson walked up to him and shook his hand and Hayden was jumping up and down non-stop! We really appreciated Santa taking time out of his busy schedule, the best part of all is that Santa donates 100% of the money we gave him to Easter Seals.