Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Hayden and Logan decorating Easter Eggs.
Christmas morning. . . oh wait it is Easter morning. The Easter Bunny and my Mother in law went crazy! The boys had so much fun.

The Easter Bunny brought Rocket to Grayson and that is all he cared about. Grayson would not participate in the Easter Egg hunt or any other acitivities for the day.

Hayden riding his Buzz scooter---but he keeps asking daddy where daddy's scooter is!

Grandpa and Hayden pretending to eat fish in a teepee at the Children's Museum.

Papa was teaching all three boys the alphabet in the old school house.

Grandma's birthday and Easter were fun. Steve and I volunteered to paint some of his parents house and we had fun doing that. There were multiple funny moments! We had fun playing with cousin Logan and seeing how big he is getting.

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