Friday, July 18, 2008

Playing Catch Up!!!

I have not been good about posting our pictures lately, maybe that is because we are constantly on the go. We have spent time at the lake, the park, and the new ice cream shop in downtown East Hampton. The boys are loving this weather-we are able to spend more time outside then we would this time of year in Texas.

Ice Cream+Hayden as the ring leader='s 5 HYPER children!!!

I can't explain the type of town we live in becasue there is nothing close to it in
the DFW metroplex that I am aware of. Our town only has 13,000 people so it
is quite quaint. A new ice cream shop opened in downtown East Hampton and
the kids and I have enjoyed sitting out on main street eating ice cream and
watching all of the people and cars go by. One of my friends has explained that
in the summer East Hampton is a vacation spot for a lot of people so downtown
starts getting busy on Fridays and stays busy through the weekend.

We have been spending time at the lake/beach in our town.
Both boys have been very accepting of the lake than I thought they would.

Look at how close these ducks are to Grayson. The ducks just come up to people.
Kind of freaks me out. The boys love it though.

This child has "sensory intergration issues". I would love for the therapists that evaluated Grayson last November to see how much progress he has made in a few short months. I am no longer worried about him and encourage him to get as dirty as he wants!!!
I am so proud of the progress he has made!

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